Beards are beautiful and they are everywhere, but how do their owners get them so shiny and healthy-looking? The answer is beard oils.

There are a lot of small, unknown businesses currently getting on the beard and mustache bandwagon. They’re manufacturing and marketing their own beard oils and selling these products at exorbitant prices which most beard owners will probably never be able to afford. If you, as a bearded man, have noticed that you can buy normal oil at a fraction of the price, you might have felt obligated to ask yourself : “What’s the difference between the two?” Beards are precious things to their owners and they won’t just rub anything in there. They want to make an informed decision.

Many people think that the two oils are the same thing, but the truth is, there a few important differences between regular hair oil and beard oil:

  • The way they smell. You must remember, that most of your beard will be directly under your nose, so you’d want to use an oil that smells nice, but also not too sharp. So make sure that if you want to use hair oil instead of beard oil that you are ready to live with the odor.
  • Beards oils are generally also more concentrated than regularly hair oils. Where you would use a handful of hair oil, you’d only have to use a few drops when it comes to beard oil.
  • Beard oils use specific ingredients that you won’t find in normal hair oils. These ingredients are specifically targeted towards beard-related problems such as itchiness and beard ruff. They might contain Jojoba oil, which is very close to a body’s natural oil. This oil is used to combat skin irritation.