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Does shaving daily make your skin age faster?

We all know that having a beard can add years to a man’s age, or at least other people’s perception of his age, but have you ever thought what shaving might do to your skin? Pulling a sharp blade over your skin repeatedly, day after day has to have some kind of effect on your skin. The truth is, is does have an effect on your skin, but that effect is mostly positive.

When you shave, you actually scrape away old skin along with the hair. There is actually a treatment similar to this you can pay for at beauty salons called scraping. This helps to exfoliate your skin and it reveals the new, young skin underneath. Getting rid of those old, flaky skin cells is very healthy and it allows your skin to breath. The friction on your skin can also stimulate collagen production which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Who doesn’t want that!



However, you should always use the right tools and right methods when shaving. Using dull razors or bad techniques can result in unsightly rashes, which won’t make you look older, but it most definitely won’t make you look younger either. Always replace your blades regularly and treat your skin a like a good friend.

Another thing to keep I mind is that excessive or daily shaving will dry out your skin. Always moisturize after shaving and try to use moisturizing shaving creams. Leaving your skin to dry out without doing anything about it can make you age prematurely. The water in your skin needs to be replaced regularly.


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