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Creed Imperial Millesime – Fragrance Review

Wearing an outstanding scent is easy when you know what you are doing. Creed Imperial Millesime might be what you need when it comes to making a great impression on other people`s minds out there. We will let you know … Read the rest

What is a sensible skincare routine men should follow?

I’s always difficult to get men into a routine, especially when it comes to something like looking after your skin. Most men will fall into it routine haphazardly by just grabbing the first product they see on the shelves.

Before … Read the rest

What should one do when he finds he is balding?

Hair loss: It’s every man’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing that can make you look old quite as fast losing your hair and having it happen to you at a young age is even worse. Luckily, a lot of progress has … Read the rest

How is beard oil different from regular hair oil?

Beards are beautiful and they are everywhere, but how do their owners get them so shiny and healthy-looking? The answer is beard oils.

There are a lot of small, unknown businesses currently getting on the beard and mustache bandwagon. They’re … Read the rest

Is it normal for women to want their man to shave his back, chest, or crotch?

Hairstyles go in and out of style and the same can be said for body hair. Asking a man to shave his body hair might have been considered weird or even perverted 30 odd years ago, but is now a … Read the rest

Does shaving daily make your skin age faster?

We all know that having a beard can add years to a man’s age, or at least other people’s perception of his age, but have you ever thought what shaving might do to your skin? Pulling a sharp blade over … Read the rest

Should men Groom their eyebrows?

Trimming eyebrows is certainly not high on any man’s list of priorities. With so many other things to think about like cars and sports, who would even consider it? But the truth is men should make an effort to pay … Read the rest

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