“What do women want?” is a question some men would rather ignore, but in some cases, they should learn to pay attention. They might learn something!

Especially in the case of grooming, which the majority of men don’t know much about. When it comes to trimming and shaving, most men only know what their fathers taught them, but in our day age that isn’t always enough. We asked a few women to supply us with grooming tips for men because we knew they wouldn’t ask them themselves.


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Smell nice

Women love fragrances, definitely! Especially the smell on man will drive them crazy. Why not pick some of the best colognes out there and let girls go after you.

Wash your hands

Always take care of your hands, especially if you do hard physical labor. Wash your hands regularly and keep your nails short, but also use moisturizer. On a normal day, a man will shake a large number of hands. Some of those might be the hands of their friends, but it could also be those of managers or interviewers. We know men are proud of their callused hands, but dry hands can leave a bad impression.

Removing hair

Men sometimes forget that they have hair in places other than their chins and cheeks. They should remember to take care of those other areas as well. These include their backs, shoulders, noses, eyebrows and yes, that part below the belt as well. Sometimes it’s worth it to man-up and ask for a woman’s honest opinion about it. Women prefer it trimmed. It’s much more hygienic and face it, it’s not the 70’s anymore!

Washing your face

Washing your face doesn’t mean splashing it with water for a while. Buy yourself a nice face wash and get in there. It will make you smell great, get rid of dryness and it will make your skin feel smoother.


Women hate dry, chapped lips. Men mostly only notice that their lips are dry after they split open. Men should always carry lip balm with them and apply frequently.

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